I first played guitar at the age of nine, playing a small bodied acoustic that my parents gave me for my birthday. Nothing much happened until The Beatles came along redefining the music that had been the inspiration for my learning. Until this, inspiration had come from the Everly Brothers, Marty Robbins and Guy Mitchell. As a result of the new generation of music, school-work took a back seat and found playing music became more appealing. Playing in a school band called The Phables did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm. I wanted more.

My more serious playing days started in 1969 in a band called ‘FUZZ’ appearing on Television’s ‘Uptight’ show and playing the dance halls alongside bands such as the ‘Master’s Apprentices’ and ‘The Valentines’ in venues such as Festival Hall. A year or so later I joined a band called ‘LIVE SOUND DIMENSION’, a recording and cabaret act that occasionally doubled as a backing band for many floorshow acts. The band was also sought for recording sessions for other artists because of their harmony abilities.


I also had some fun dabbling in acting working on the television series Prisoner and The Sullivans. I also appeared  as an extra in the movie Thirst during 1979-80.

In 1979 I joined the band STONEY CREEK. The band carved a name for itself on Australia’s country music circuit, head lining at most of the major music festivals in the eastern states. The band leaned heavily on their harmonizing abilities and were often called upon as a back up band for solo artists, such as the legendary Jimmy Little, Patsy Riggir, Col Elliott and Alison Durban. Because of the band’s backing abilities they were also chosen as the support band for Tom T. Hall and Diana Trask. We were also the backing band for the contestants in the Tamworth Starmaker Talent Quest in 1981- 1982, an event that was to launch the careers of several of today’s stars, including Lee Kernaghan and Keith Urban.

The band won a talent quest at the famed Wandong Country Music Festival and Most Popular Vocal Band at the FEIP Southern Hemisphere awards in 1983 and 1984. It was felt that each member should be a multi-instrumentalist, so in addition to guitar I learned to play bass and banjo. The band seemed to be continually touring with artists such as Patsy Riggir’s first Australian tour, Reg Poole, JR Williams, Lee Conway, Tom T. Hall and good friend Jimmy Little. During this period I was writing more songs than Stoney Creek could use, so I entered the New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards winning Best Composition with Lady Right and also fourth prize for Goodbye Lover, Hello Friend.

In 2001 I recorded the Crazy For Your Love album with ex-Stoney Creek member Steve Cross. It was produced by another ex-Creek member Charlie Kneale and scored radio air-play in Malta and the Channel Islands. The track, You're Going Nowhere Man, a song made up from Beatle song titles is still being played ten years later.

January 2006 saw the independent release of a four song EP which was played on radio throughout Australia and Europe while I finished off the rest of the album. February 2007 saw Goodbye Lover, Hello Friend released on a compilation album and released to 25 countries by NITE*SKY Records of Ohio, and TKO Records in Canada, which made Top10 in eight European countries including my first No1 in Ireland and a No2 in Italy and Austria. The second single, Crazy, was also released by NITE*SKY Records and received worldwide airplay. July 2007 saw There’s a New Way in the Top 10 in Sweden and Ireland, a surprise as it had not been released there.

The Soundboard album achieved a Top 5 nomination for Album Of The Year at the Victorian Country Music Awards in January 2008 which was a wonderful stamp of approval for a self produced album, and has also gathered 20 Top 10s throughout Europe to date.

A recent single was the Kenny Loggins’, Danny’s Song, which comes from the album,
The Journey – 40 Years. The album is a celebration of 40 years of recording with various bands and my solo work.


The single which gained a No2 in Denmark and Ireland with a No3 in Israel peaked at No17 in the European Top100 and is still charting after 25 weeks. The video for the song was aired nationally on  cable television’s Country Music Channel.

 Fresh back from a European holiday where I performed in the south of

 France, I reckon  “It’s time for the next leg of the musical journey”.


© 2013 Graham Gould