Off The Cuff

© 2013 Graham Gould

Graham Gould – Off The Cuff

$19.95 (2013)

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This album was produced by Graham Gould.

Graham plays acoustic, electric guitars and 12 string, bass, dobro, piano, organ, percussion and drum programming, lead vocals and harmonies unless otherwise stated.

01 - I Want To Hear it From You - 3:40

    (G. Gould)

     Bass: Steve Cross - Backing vocals: Colin Stephen

02 - Some Rivers Never Run 5:08

     (G. Gould/E. Casha)

      Drums: Warren Keats - Organ/Keys: Karen Hinds - Accordion: Richard Wojcik

03 - Lady Right - 4:14

     (G. Gould) (Image Music)

04  - I Want To Touch You - 4:10

      (A. Gold/K. Edwards/K. Bonoff/W. Waldman)

      Backing vocals: Colin Stephen

05  - Nowhere - 2:10

      (L. Driscoll)

06 - Dreams Are Ten a Penny - 2:41

      (John & Gill Carter)

      Bass: Steve Cross - Backing vocals: Colin Stephen

07 - We’re Back Again – 2:55

      (C. Stephen)

      Backing vocals: Colin Stephen – Trumpet: Mario Agius – Piano: Daniel Agius

08 - You’re Going Nowhere Man - 3:22

      (G. Gould/S. Cross)

      Bass & backing vocals Steve Cross

09 - Wasted On The Way - 2:49

      (Graham Nash)

      Backing vocals: Colin Stephen

10 - Pick Me Up 18 - 3:47

      (G. Gould)

      Guitars: Kevin Hinds - Organ/Keys: Karen Hinds - Drum programming: Kevin Hinds & Mick

      Hughes - Additional drums: Mick Hughes - Bass: David Churchill - Produced by Kevin Hinds

11  - Who I Am – 3:38

       (G. Gould, K. Gould, C. Stephen)

      Backing vocals & guitar: Colin Stephen

12 - The Fall - 3:10

      (L Driscoll)

      12 string guitar: Stephen Gould

13 - Who Do You Trust – 3:22

       (G. Gould, C. Stephen)

       Bass: Mannie Casha - Saxophone: Max Dowling – Trombone: Stephen Gould –

       Backing vocals: Colin Stephen & Kathy Gould



~ Now Released ~

On a weekend in August 2011, a bunch of us were lounging around a houseboat in the Murray River. Longtime friend Mannie Casha and I had a specific aim of writing something jointly as it was something we had never done. After a couple of days, we had written Some Rivers Never Run.

Shortly after I was diagnosed with male breast cancer. After the operation I used music as therapy which helped me get through chemo-therapy. I had managed to record a few songs before losing my voice to the treatment. I hadn’t intended to do an album until I had the basis for about six or seven songs. In late 2012 I started doing some shows at which time I was learning to sing again, and without hair.

I was starting to get some old friends involved in the project and their brilliant support began to make the songs sound a whole lot better. Realising I had a shortfall of songs, I began to write again, with the addition of Who Do You Trust, Who I Am and at the last minute, I Want To Hear It From You. The twelve song album was finished without this song but pressure from others suggested it had to go on the album.


You’re Going Nowwhere Man